A couple of things I noticed about Moto X...

After seeing the tech demo video, I have a few problems with some things:

  1. Why say "Ok Google Now"? Why not just "Ok Google"? It's one syllable less and is used in the exact same context.
  2. Instead of a notification LED on the front, the screen will lightly show what the notification is, because "the light doesn't tell you anything". Not if you download LightFlow and associate different notifications with a specific color. Plus, will the screen periodically light up, or is it just once? If it's just once, then that's a fail. Also, does this mean Moto X will NOT have a notification LED?
  3. I feel the flicking your phone twice to get to the camera can lead to some users having the phone slip from their hands and falling (if they underestimate their own grip on the phone). Imagine if you had a few drinks and wanted to take a picture by flicking your phone, but you flicked it a bit too hard...whoops!
  4. Is that camera app an upcoming stock camera app or purely a Motorola camera app?
  5. Finally, this Moto X looks too much like a Nexus and it makes me wonder, will Google release another Nexus phone? Won't it be confusing if people see the Moto X and then a Nexus phone that looks very similar to it, has similar or lesser specs, and has the same update rate?

I'd like to stress my fifth point. I believe Google may no longer be releasing anymore Nexii, seeing as Moto X is a true Google phone just like a Nexus. Any future Nexus phones from Google will be from Motorola. It makes sense, plus, why have HTC, LG, Samsung, etc. make a Nexus phone when Google owns Motorola now? Nexus tablets, though, may be up for grabs for other companies to make, but Motorola might change that too.