I'm lost, What is the Moto X

It looks like stock,

Kinda act's like stock,

. . . .But it's not stock. Actually it's far from it.

Per Rogers, the device will be called the "Moto X" I guess it has a ring to it. After seeing the promo video I'm not sure what to think anymore. It has these gestures that remind me of Samsungs. Lastly they took away the notification light, and now the who screen kinda blinks notifications in a "Breathing" notion. The same way SMP does it's breathing notifications.

Then there's the fact that it's "Midrange" however it's a phone that you can customize?? Who are they targeting for this phone because it feels like they are targeting everyone. What is this phone supposed to be?? Who is it for?? Lastly, WHY IS IT SO THICK?? There better be some good battery like in that sucka.

Discuss. . .