Why does everyone hate on touchwiz, I like it.

I've been using samsung phones for a while now and I've gotta say, I like touchwiz. At least a lot of it. I've used Aosp/Aokp roms on my phones, sometimes for months at a time, and i love the speed and fluidity of vanilla android in general. And i like having the new features google cooks up with each update a couple weeks after as opposed to 6 months to a year later but you know what, Samsung got a lot of things right in touchwiz, and let's not sugarcoat it, google got a lot of things wrong. I'm going to give some examples:


WTF google? Samsung obviously knows, that people want big effing buttons!!! not these little toggle switches at the bottom, big huge buttons!! Samsung added extra volume, google didn't. Samsung added that awesome feature of sliding to the left to message or right to call. They added the screen right after the call is disconnected for a couple seconds to call or text. These are huge things that make the whole experience better. And seeing as how it's a phone that i'm using, these features are very welcome. There's this little thing that when you long press a contact, there is an option for share contact information. Something like this shows what attention to detail does, its such a useful feature to have, I find myself using it a lot.

Samsung let's you unlock by swiping anywhere on the lockscreen. love it.

Again, big huge effing toggle on the top instead of little ones.

Sliding brightness bar in the pulldown right under the toggles.

Samsungs music app is killer. Everything is where you want it to be. Menus, albums, artists are perfectly spaced, all the options you want are there. Its solid.

The camera. Oh the camera. Everyone basically agrees that the UI blows google out of the water. Its just so perfect and easy to use. And I use the camera a lot.

The task manager, why the hell hasn't google taken a good look at this and said we need this by default!! In one place you can check the open apps, ram and storage!! oh the storage! on Vanilla android it takes so long to check your storage and when you finally get there, it's in a big clunky interface, samsung tells you in black and white

Now let's talk about all of the feature that they market with the phone.

There are a few that are just stupid and useless, unless they really work for you, turn them off. For me these include Smart stay, S-voice, air view... they're gimmicky. Cute but stupid. I haven't used the S4 too much so i cant really comment on the new ones but people don't realize that the swipe above the screen is incredibly useful if your hands are dirty!

The useful ones;

Multi-window....-one of the best features to come to smartphones in a while, i can carry on a texting/g-chat,f-book conversation with someone, but watch a movie or sitcom at the same time, i.e. when waiting for a response.

The swiping your palm across the screen for a screen shot, that you can then edit!!!! and crop!!!! come on google! how come you don't put this in! At least the cropping part.

The quick shortcuts on the lockscreen at the bottom to launch apps directly from the lockscreen.

I know I'm forgetting a bunch of things. I just can't remember them all right now. I use nova launcher because i want options for the launcher, but aside from that, Samsung got a lot of things right and I think people are either just ignorant of these things or are just too stupid to realize why these things make the experience better.

So, to sum up, yes I like stock android, it is a lot smoother, but i always find myself missing all of these features. So now, when i get a new phone (Evo 4g<Gs2<Note 1<Note 2<Mega) I'm going to root, take off some bloatware, use some addons, but basically keep touchwiz and co. I wonder if some of you learned some valuable lessons today.