The future of Vergecraft & you!

Hello Verge readers and fellow Minecrafters!

For over a year now, the Verge has hosted its very own Minecraft server. Over the year, we’ve hosted events and partied hard with Verge employees, built massive projects and waged war against each other. It’s been fun playing with you all, but it is time to once again get serious and discuss the future of the server.

What is Vergecraft today?

The Vergecraft of today is a factions server. As time wore on, many players decided to part with PVP in favor of joining peaceful factions and building with their friends. We’ve seen these players build up awesome communities and construct massive buildings, but this has created some problems for long time players. The rules as they’re currently enforced prevent players and factions that have gone peaceful from switching back to hostile. This rule is indispensable because it keeps players from taking advantage of peaceful status to build up resources before switching back to PVP. However, those who have gone peaceful want a way to wage war once again and we’re listening.

A Possible Solution

One suggestion we’re considering is the idea of a dual map solution with the following layout:

  • A freshly-generated PVP map, exclusive to hostile factions. Chest-locking plugins would be restricted, and we would do our best to work out PVP/griefing penalties, player power, etc. within the factions plugin to ensure a balanced factions PVP map would exist for those wishing to fight alongside or against their friends.
  • The current map as a peaceful-only map. Players on the peaceful map would be encouraged to participate in the community without the risk of entering a PVP situation, but would be free to continue pursuing their own bases and projects if they choose to do so.

An important facet of this solution is players would not be forced to choose one map over the other. If a player wishes to spend the weekend raiding and PVPing, then they can jump on the hostile map and do so and continue building with their friends on the peaceful map if they wish.

We have also heard many pleas for a Hunger Games map and other special events. If we had enough regular players online willing to participate in those kinds of events, we would be willing to set that up.

It’s up to you!

This is our suggestion, but in the end, it’s up to the community to voice their opinions and stand behind what they think is best. It’s an idea but not the only one. Others have suggested steering away from Factions entirely and doing personal protections, and having a volatile PVP map that resets every so often.

We want to hear what you’re thinking. This isn’t about creating a server to satisfy only a few people. This is about creating the official Verge Minecraft server that the community wants to play on. So what do you have to say? Please leave your ideas and input below.

— blind_guy23 & Salaman

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