Surface Family

Ok, so we have the Surface RT, which is Microsoft`s take on a tablet, and we have the Surface Pro, which is Microsoft`s take on a Ultrabook. There will probably be a smaller tablet, an 8 inch device. That is it. It`s not very likely that MS is going to create any hardware besides that (and mouse, etc.)

But what if they went further, what if they built more, a real Surface Family.

Hence this post. This is what I would like them to do, and what I think would strengh their vision of a SW and HW company.

So, let`s start, from smaller to bigger:

Surface W (watch): I love the idea behind the Pebble and the Sony Smartwatch. I think it`s a much practical way to get glanceable info than the Google Glass, mainly because you dont look like an ostentatious jerk. I think the $100-$150 range is accurate for this kind of product.

Surface P (phone): I know that they have Nokia, but as much as I like the fins, I believe that the fewer the intermediarys between the software company and the consumer, the better. A price close to $500 (off-contract) would hit the sweet spot to me. Oh, and give it 64 gb of memory, that way a micro SD is not mandatory.

Surface M (8 inch tablet): This form factor is what I think Windows RT was meant to debute, mainly because I think that there is nobody in God`s green earth who would use a desktop program in a device that small. $250 to $300 with 64 gb and SD support (not micro).

Surface T (10 inch tab): A Bay Trail equipped, 1080p blessed, full Windows 8.1 honored 10 inch device would cater to a still young and work hungry market. $500 with cover, 64 gigs and SD support would give this tablet an edge over the iPad and othe Android tablets.

Surface U (ultrabook): Instead of the Surface Pro we have today, a thin and light laptop would make much more sense, and it wouldn`t canibalize on the T`s sales. Haswel and 128 gigs, and a $1,100 price for the base model wouldn`t do bad.

Surface N (power user notebook): Like the Macbook Pro is to the Mac line, the N would be to this brotherhood. $2,000 for the base model, with 500 gb and all the bells and whistles mentioned before. Nuf said.

Surface D (desktop): A touch desktop is an awesome power station, plus a adjustable screen, well dont even get me started. $3,000 and a terabite hard drive, would make even the iMac jealous.

The nomenclature is like that because it is already tedious enough to say "Surface" to a non-english speaker, imagine saying "Surface Desktop", etc.

I know that this would be taking a page off Apple´s book, but as one time someone said, "good artists copy, great ones steal"