Multitasking between desktop apps and metro apps. :/

As of update 28.0.1500.72 m, Chrome always launches in Metro mode... I can click "reopen in desktop mode" but that only works for that window, and I have to click it again every time I launch the program (does anyone else have this problem?). Needless to say I'll be switching browsers if it isn't changed.

But now I realize how horrible multitasking between desktop apps and metro apps really is . To switch to a program open on the desktop I have to 1. bump top left corner, 2. click "desktop" and wait for it to switch, and 3. select the program from the taskbar (unless it's already open). This got me thinking about the future of Windows and the "Modern UI". Things really need to be improved, or it won't be the platform for powerusers much longer.

This could all be fixed by placing desktop apps in the left-side hotcorners. Why hasn't this been done already?