Do high resolutions really matter?

By this I mean to most people do they care? For example I still have a sizeable collection of DVDs sitting around that I still watch from time to time. While the quality is not as good as HD they still look pretty great up scaled on my Xbox 360. I wish I would have gotten my laptop with the optional 1080p screen yet, I have gotten used to 1366x768. Even the 480x840 screen on my phone isn't too bad. I get that companies love to champion specs like this (megapixels, gigahertz, resolution, etc.). I feel that they don't matter (at least to me they don't). Whether its standard definition or 4k its all the same to me. I do have a connection to TVs, my father used to work at RCA back when they actually made decent products and still had factories in America. We had a late 80s tv that still works!. He also got a laser disc player!!!! (But I broke it when I stuck a rubber pizza in it at age 4). The point is in my family I've seen all kinds of resolutions, from SD-HD, from VHS-DVD-Blu-Ray. I even noticed when my movie theatre got new digital projectors, with everything at 2k resolution. Looked nice! All in all I enjoy all kinds of resolutions, how far will phone makers go? Do you think they will be touting 4k phones in 10 years?