LG Optimus G Pro, best phone no one is talking about.

So I've had my OG Pro for almost 3 weeks now, and it is fantastic. I'm coming from having an HTC One at launch on at&t and a Note 2 before that.

When I had my Note 2, i really liked the large screen, but the phone at times felt a little too big. I also wasn't a fan of touchwiz, though nova launcher helped hide that, or the design, and the actual quality of the display left alot to be desired. But I was hooked on the large display.

When the HTC One was announced I thought it would be the perfect phone for me, but after owning it for a while, even though the design was great and the performance was top notch, I really started to miss that huge display, and battery life was horrible and charging time took forever.

Enter the OG Pro. It matches the large display of the Note 2 while being slightly smaller by getting rid of the bezels. It makes a huge difference as I have you to expiernce the feeling of it being too big. It also vastly improves the quality of the display and matches the performance of the HTC One but with much better battery life. The button layout is nearly perfect with a physical home button in the middel and the back button on the right. While I would prefer the multi tasking button on the left, the menu button there works fine. The LG skin while still being hideous, is very smooth and I like the color scheme better than touchwiz and nova launcher helps alot. This is my favorite android thus far and am very impressed with what LG has done here. I'm surprised this handset has mostly been forgotten about, the reviews were also mostly positive when released. My only concern is future updates since LG has been pretty bad about those in the past and since this isn't a big seller who knows if how long LG will keep supporting this phone.

I never considered LG phones in the past, for the most part they just seemed like Samsung knockoffs and I have never been a fan of Samsung products. But after using this phone I will definately keep a tab on what they are producing. I really hope they keep focus on this design and improve on it, instead of just going larger like Samsung and HTC seem to going with their 6" phablets and Sony with the 6.4" ultra. 5.5" with small bezels is perfect for me.