Many reasons for a smart watch!!

This goes to everyone that posts the same stupid comment over and over:

"I have a phone, why would I need a watch?"

This "argument" of not needing a watch must stop. There's this thing called variety, some even say that it's the spice of life! Different strokes for different folks, as it were. Believe it or not, some people still wear watches, despite how the world is supposed to revolve around you! *GASP!*

I wear a regular watch every day. Many people have multiple watches, myself included. Watches are also used for the sake of fashion. It's the only "jewelry" that I wear, other than my ring. I keep my expense watches for certain occasions, and I have my daily watch that can take more of a beating (cheaper, leather band rather than metal, etc.).

-I'd like something to use for running, biking, etc.

-I'd like something waterproof that I can wear in the pool while my phone stays dry a few metres away.

-I'd like to check the time without the hassle of pulling my phone out of my pocket, turning on the screen, then putting it back in my pocket.

-I'd like to check the time discreetly during a meeting, so I don't look rude to clients.

Here's the funny part, if you look at my examples above, that doesn't even require my watch to be "smart." That's just why I would need a watch, just to answer your stupid question.

It would be nice to have a watch that does more than time (and date). Take each of those examples and let's now imagine the same thing with a smart watch.

-Biking, running, swimming: I can check my distance, track my laps, and control my music while my phone is safely in my camelback (biking), strapped to my arm (running), or dry a few metres away (swimming, with phone synced to my Bluetooth speaker as well).

-Leaving phone in pocket: with a smartwatch, I don't need to take my phone out to see why it's vibrating. Who is the email/text from? Who messaged me on FB/Twitter? I can check that without the hassle of removing phone from pocket, and I don't look rude in front of clients if I glance to see who's messaging me.

SO... enough with the "Why does anyone want a watch?" comments!! THIS IS WHY! Just because you don't use it, doesn't mean nobody else does, so get over yourself!