The Vergecast, sexism, penis-jokes and hypocrisy

On the most recent Vergecast (which was pretty great), Josh, Nilay and Ross made a number of jokes about slapping faces with penises. I thought they were pretty funny, and overall I thought the podcast was great. (Well, maybe not when they were discussing org charts at Microsoft, but that's fine).

But what I wanted to point out was the hypocrisy of making all of those penis jokes, while a few months ago they had a podcast with a female member of the Verge talking about terrible penis and sex jokes made at the PyCon. Personally, I think the woman involved just had a terrible sense of humor (especially since it was revealed she had made other sexually suggestive jokes on her Twitter account previously).

Anyway, I have no overaching point. I don't think you need to keep your podcast rated PG, and I like all the crazy jokes you guys make. In our real lives, I'm sure you all are making off-color jokes all day long, and that's cool: We all do. But the next time some "sexism in the tech industry" story comes out and gets blown out of proportion, we should remember that we all make lame jokes sometimes.