Xbox Family

I recently did did a post about what I think the Surface family should look like, and this one is kind of the sequel.

In this instance I will be referring to what I call the "Xbox Family". Previously, Xbox was associated only with gaming, but it has evolved and now covers media, thanks to Xbox Music and others.

But I see it growing further than that, reaching a point where the Xbox brand will involve into all entertainment, covering media, social activities, gaming, hardware, software, etcetera.

As my previous post, i`ll make a list with all the bits and pieces of this big family:


Xbox Network: Think of it as a Xbox Live on sterroids, because now it`s not only a plataform for social gaming, but a full blow social network. It would be like the Facebook of gaming (and I mean real gaming, not candy crush and farmville). You can post your latest gaming highscores from your console, PC, tablet, smartphone (for it to be succesfull it would need to be present in Android and iOS too), you have your own profile photo (or avatar if you`re into that), your own profile, your exercise stats, and more. With Skype built in, you can chat, call and videochat. You wouldn`t even need a Xbox console, because you would go to, and do some light gaming too. The possibilities are endless.

Xbox Together: An important part of gaming is multiplayer, and with Network being a free service and all, Microsoft would create a premium service, for $4 per month. You can play with your Network friends, the ones that have the Together subscription, and get the Games Together benefit, where you can have two quality games a month. Of course, this service would only be to play multiplayer, not to unlock features like Netflix and ESPN on your console.

Xbox Media: If Netflix and Spotify had a baby, it would be Xbox Media. For $15 you get an All You Can Eat of music, movies, tv shows, etcetera. Doable

Xbox TV: Say goodby to Directv, Time Warner and every othe tv operator in the world, because Xbox TV is here to stay. $40 to bring big ol` tv cable back, but better and localized for every country.


Xbox Center: This would be a Xbox One, but better designed, bad PR free, and better named. For games, you have two options: digital downloads, with DRM checks to battle piracy, but all the goodies from digital media, and for the dinosaurs you can also use those nasty disks, without the pleasure of saying Xbox on play Skyrim, family share, etcetera. $400

Xbox Center Lite: The same Xbox Center, but without the gaming part. You can enjoy media consuption and watch tv. $150

Xbox Cam: A Kinect, but easier to say. Included in Xbox Center

Xbox Glass: You take Google Glass, and make it fun. Besides having glanceable information, you also have a game compatible accessory that augments your reality according to the game. This would make a much richer gaming expirience, and would make gaming with your friends a heck of a lot funner. Note: this doesnt replace your Xbox Center, but enhances it. $500

Xbox XL: Hanging from your ceiling, behold Illumiroom come to life. Augmenting your furniture, walls, and every object in your gaming room. Ambitious, but awesome.


Xbox Assistant: Smartglass

Xbox OS: Pretty selfexplanatory

Xbox Store: Where you get games, apps and more

So, those are my two cents, or 10 chilean pesos