PC to Mac Mini Suggestions.

I've been a PC guy for the past few years. No special reasons, other than price. The other day, I switched from Windows to Ubuntu (I had it with Microsoft complaining about fixing exploits, rumors of government co- operation, and was sick of Metro), and have been sorta happy, except for the fact that I have to reboot to use my Creative Cloud apps.

I had an idea: buy a Mac Mini (maxed out specs), and get an external PCIe thunderbolt enclosure for a gaming GPU (when I need it) and a capture card (again, when I need it). I'm thinking of waiting for the next refresh with Haswell, but what do you guys think?

Oh, and a few questions:

  1. How are the Intel GPUs. I haven't used one since 2008-ish on a MacBook.
  2. Any suggestions on good external PCIe enclosures that aren't the price of a Mac Mini?
  3. Support. I'm looking to get at least 5 years out of it, so how well has Apple supported the old ones? (my old MacBook is so slow because of Lion now).
  4. Wait, or get a refurbished unit?

I'm a programmer (Mac OS is compatible with all of my stuff already, so that's good) and occasional gamer.