The SOC for the Second Generation Surface RT Is......

According to Paul Thurrott, the SOC that will power the next generation of the Surface RT will be the Tegra 4. I first read about it yesterday when he wrote, "Surface RT 2 is coming. I’m curious to see if a Surface RT 2, based on next-generation Tegra/ARM hardware will perform better." Today, he has mentioned it for the second time by stating, "In addition to that 8" Surface Mini, the firm will update both its Surface RT and Surface Pro devices, the former to utilize a more powerful Tegra 4 chipset, in time for the holiday season." He seemed so certain and with his past predictions, he has been fairly accurate about upcoming products.

From what I understand, the Tegra 4 has not gotten many design wins and I'm wondering if Microsoft has scored a deal that will enable them to sell for less than the $499 price point with the next generation Surface RT. What are your opinions about the Tegra 4 powering the next generation of the Surface RT?