Google Play Music All Access Scammed Me

I'm posting this here in hopes that this is a widespread issue that someone can help me fix or at least share my discomfort. Also because Google has no fucking way of contacting them at all.

My All Access subscription which I paid for after partaking in the 30-day free trial and taking advantage of the lowered price has now cancelled itself without my knowledge. I discovered this after realizing that I could not find the "Get Lucky" remix when simply searching my library of music on my Galaxy Nexus. I went in to settings and discovered it had logged me out of my Gmail account so I quickly logged back in and it told me to try the 30-day free trial of Google Play Music All Access which would then become $9.99/month. Rage ensued.

This is quite frankly the biggest load of bullshit I have ever had come my way, and from Google of all companies. This is incredibly dumbfounding and ridiculous that I paid for a service from one of the largest companies on the planet and was scammed out of it. I only got like a week or two out of my paid subscription, not even the full month that I paid for. And I can't even re-subscribe for the discounted rate!

It would be highly appreciated if someone could help me out in any way. Thanks.

And on a somewhat unrelated note... Why the hell is Magna Carta Holy Grail not available to All Access subscribers? I noticed that before all of this bullshit.