Your Father's Laptop

Well not yours, but mine.

I am looking to buy a laptop for my technologically almost illiterate father. It does not have to be strictly a laptop, it can be any convertible or hybrid too. My first thought was Surface RT, but don't really want to impose Tegra 3 on him.

  • His main usage will be making Power Point presentations, and other Office works. So windows is must. But he also reads news a lot, which, I believe, makes hybrids a very good choice.
  • He seems really into HTC Titan. Metro/Modern interface is not a problem. He kinda prefers it. More so than Android's.
  • His eyesight is not the greatest any more. Being 55 will do that to you.
  • Performance, storage is not the most important. Weight and battery life is. Screen size is kinda important.
  • Last but not least, I want to do this under $500.
  • I have until last of September. But the sooner the better, will need to walk him through the steps.

Help me out people!