I just ordered a T-Mobile iPhone 5 after 4 years of Android and Windows Phone, this is my story.

October 17th 2009.
This is the most important day in android and the second most in phones after January 17, 2007. You see, on the 24th a handset was launched, not the first android handset, not even the 10th, Not the fastest, not the biggest phone out there. No, a phone that was a coup d'étatof everything else out there. a phone pointed at being badass. That phone was the Motorola Droid, and ,I?

I was in it's launch day line.

The phone bragged fast here, function there, with a full keyboard, flash, a 5mp camera and a high resolution 3.8 inch screen. If you want to know what it's launch was like, wait til Moto's August first launch this year. Anyways, everyone wanted or had one. It was the phone that made it 'iPhones and Droids'. I liked that phone.
Liked. Note past tense. as updates went on the phone became impossible to use. So I upgraded. A samsung fascinate was next. I did not like the software and was confused when I got it. Bing search, on a Google phone? Huh?You would think that I would not do my next step after that....

An email was sent to me, telling me my phone was on it's way. As an app developer I hadn't paid a penny for the phone, a Windows Phone 7 device.

In fact, the best Windows Phone. Josh and Nilay's single favorite Windows Phone.
The only Windows Phone Dell ever made, The Dell Venue Pro.
It was amazing, I used one phone for an entire year. I had a 32Gb SD card shoehorned into it and an aftermarket battery in it's bay that got 30% better battery life with the same cover and weight as stock.

The world was our burrito.


The phone hit the dash board hard as I turned into the exit. Pissed off I had thrown the phone. One thing Windows phone never did well was Navigation, and it did not do it well at all.
Now I was lost with my precious Dell Venue Pro laying in the center console. It's gorilla glass screen, shattered.

Ok. So, android again, I though so I got the fastest and best damn phone out there.
The HTC One S.
I loved it and was ok with it's small storage and poor battery life. I even went and rooted it and loaded CM10 at one point. After a bit of playing around and getting tired of it crashing every day I decided to set it back to stock last week.

The display told me the restore was done. I unplugged the phone and pressed the power button.
Nothing. Bricked. No power, no lights nothing. An incredibly bad phone and an even worse paper weight.

Out of phones and options, I used the only phone I could find, my Mother's old iPhone 4.
Entertained by the overly perfect looking previews I installed iOS 7.
This 3 year old phone, designed to compete with the Moto Droid, the first one, was suddenly amazing. I was not using the iOS I was used to back when I wrote for iPhone. I was using some software that was straight up magic. The apps looked amazing, the effects were fantastic, facebook was FASTER.
Leading to yesterday, me buying an iPhone 5.

I used iOS 7.

It sold me on a 3 year old phone when I came from the fastest and thinnest phone in the world running pure android 4.2.2...