A Long Weekend with Google Glass

I used Google Glass during the July Fourth weekend for a piece on biking that is coming soon. In addition to biking with Glass, I also had the opportunity to try out a bunch of activities while wearing something many people thought was a weird type of headgear or medical device. The camera was far and away the most useful feature, and I took a ton of photos and video. Take a look.


In its current form, Glass can't really enhance anyone's tennis game. There's been some talk of Glass and tennis, but actual gameplay footage is lacking, so I recorded some myself. Here's a video of a serve I somehow hit:

I also tried to capture a photo during a serve, and I had no idea it would turn out this well:

Lastly, here's a clip of some rallying through Glass:

I found Glass to be very distracting while playing, and it made me realize how crucial a clear field of vision is for tennis. After I felt I had enough footage, I was happy to take them off and play seriously.


I left Manhattan for the July Fourth weekend, but I still wanted to see fireworks. Luckily, Kingston, NY had me covered. Even though the event was packed, only a handful of people recognized Glass, and not too many people stared or even gave me a second look. To say it was a nice break from the reactions I typically received in Manhattan would be a huge understatement. So that also meant I was able to capture fireworks without any interruption. In case you want to purchase glass just for the July Fourth holiday (you shouldn't!), here are the kind of results you'll end up with.




Finally, here are some random things I captured while wearing Glass.

Ping Pong