Will Surface RT 2nd gen also be $349 ?

The Surface at $349 including Office is really compelling as a device to complement my other devices.

BUT knowing that the 2nd gen Surface RT will have substantially better performing snapdragon 800 or Tegra 4 processor and probably LPDDR3 RAM and maybe a 1080p display is creating a dilemma. To wait for 2nd gen or buy the 1st gen RT.

If the 2nd gen RT is also priced at $349 then i would certainly want to buy that but if it gets priced at $499 then it won't make as much sense as i already have an ipad4 which is use for non-work use and spending another 499 bucks for the RT doesn't seem worth it.

Anyone with info on this pls suggest what to do?? Tom Warren you know anything about this??