Android versus iOS Security

I was just doing research on Android versus iOS security and was surprised by what I discovered. Did you know that for every 1 Android vulnerability there were about 9 iOS vulnerabilities? Now, this probably shouldn't come as a surprise considering iOS has always had security issues. In fact, it was so bad that you could jailbreak an iOS device by just visiting a web site at one time - it doesn't get much simpler than that. So it's kind of peculiar to hear Phil Schiller criticize Android security and telling people to be safe out there when iOS is basically one of the most insecure mobile OS's ever created. Phil probably doesn't realize that one of the benefits of being an open source OS is that the top security researches from all over the world have gone through the Android code base and picked it apart. Anyway, let's get to the vulnerabilities.

Total iOS Vulnerabilities 2007-2013: 238

Total Android Vulnerabilities 2009-2013: 27

Ratio: 8.8

Android Vulnerabilities


iOS Vulnerabilities


Click on the links above to get detailed information on the respective vulnerabilities for each OS. And if you're using an iOS device I would advise you to avoid clicking links :)