Ashton Challenge & notes/quotes from /all/ TIMN Podcasts cc/Nilay

Yesterday, Nilay asked on Twitter what episode the Ashton Challenge was on.

It was first discussed on Engadget Podcast #207 and again on This is My Next Podcast #13 (mentioned towards the last 7 minutes.)

I was able to find this out because, rather embarrassingly, during middle School & early 9th grade I listened to the TIMN team & podcast on an almost religious basis. To that embarrassing extent, I use to take notes & quotes on funny things said that made me laugh hilariously out loud. Here are the notes in all their glory (lol) if anybody wants to reminisce. Podcast #13 was the funniest in my opinion, as seen by the number of things I wrote down & quoted.

Yup, this is what you get when you mix rabid fanboy-ism, really wanting to be a tech journalist & having no tech friends in school.

P.S. I also have one for the The Vergecast, but stopped at #61 (as HS got more hectic)...

030 10/30/11

  • Last This is my next Podcast.
  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Thomas
  • Nokia Windows Phone 7 (Lumia 800 reviewed by Vlad Savov)

029 10/21/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Vlad
  • Windows feels like poison apology, that goes horribly wrong. -- Josh
  • Galaxy Nexus/ICS
  • Nokia N9 Review

028 10/14/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Joanna
  • iPhone 4S/Siri
  • Windows feels like poison. -- Josh

027 10/7/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul
  • Steve Jobs death
  • iPhone 4S/Siri Announcement

026 10/2/11

  • Joshua, Nilay, Joanna
  • Kindle Line Refresh
  • Kindle Fire

025 9/23/11

  • Joshua, Nilay, Paul, Joanna (later)
  • Boom/Kaboom
  • HP: Meg Whitman new CEO. Leo's $25 million Golden Parachute. Josh's $25 Golden Parachute and McDonald's trip + Super-Sized Fries.
  • Facebook event.
  • Netflix and Qwickster.
  • HTC Rhyme.

024 9/17/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Joanna
  • Watching Terminator discussion.
  • Windows 8 Dev Unit/ BUILD Conference.
  • Nyan Cat.
  • Anti-Socialist treatments to eat jobs.
  • Nilay working on wedding vows a year early.

023 9/9/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul
  • Motorola Droid Bionic Review.
  • HTC suing Apple with Google patents. Paul explaining the rules of Risk to Joshua. War Games. Patent Risk.
  • DOJ/Sprint file to block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger.
  • Back to the Future Nike Shoes.

022 9/3/11

  • Josh, Paul, Joanna, Vlad
  • Ultra books
  • DOJ files to block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger.
  • Galaxy Note.

021 8/25/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul
  • Steve Jobs resignation. Tim Cook CEO who hits people w/baseball bats. Who plays Steve Jobs in movie?

020 8/19/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Dieter
  • webOS and PC division dead.
  • Blackberry.
  • Google buys Motorola.
  • Fusion Garage. How are they doing this?

019 8/12/11

  • Everybody on Podcast.
  • Beats Audio, Josh's rant on Monster Cables, Nintendo 3DS, Chris's table radios

018 8/5/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul
  • RIM.
  • Interesting law discussion keep.

017 7/30/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Joanna, Sean
  • MacBook Air Review

016 7/22/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul
  • Independence Day references.
  • Paul's review of Mac OS X Lion

015 7/15/11

  • Paul is going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.
  • Jamsnacker.con bought by Nilay.

014 7/9/11

  • Next iPhone 5.

013 7/1/13

Josh, Pail, Nilay

TouchPad Review.

Nilay: The gross tooth.

Josh: I actually said to Rubinstein, just do me a favor and go get an iPad and use it for a week and seriously...

Nilay: Do you guys have that conversation every time you talk

Josh: Pretty much. Just seriously live with it for a week. I know it goes against everything you stand for.

Josh: Then they later on spit on all the users of those products. They individually went around the world and spit on every one of them.

Nilay: All 150 Pre owners

Josh: They got Bada devs breathing down their neck for the latest SDK. Just kidding that never happened. Does it even have an SDK? Is it that advanced?

Josh: I've been writing love letters to Palm my entire life.

Nilay: That is true. For your entire professional career

Josh: My professional technology writer career has really focused on trying to get Palm out of a stump. And I don't even know why I liked the Treo.

Paul: It has an SD card.

Josh: That thing wasn't good. It's like I don't want to admit that my dreams won't come true.

Josh: I wouldn't touch a Bada device to save my life.

The Peanut Butter Manifesto.

The Nutella Manifesto

The Betamax Ultimatum

Nilay: Once you get into that, it's just the most comfortable, heartwarming place to be.

Josh: You are saying from the perspective of that incompetent person.

Nilay: Once you slide into that role. It's just like a warm soft blanket.

Josh: Fresh from the dryer...

Nilay: Highly recommended.

Josh: ...Blanket out of the dryer covering your incompetence

Nilay: Exactly.

Josh: When you peel back the blanket to see what is beneath it...

Nilay: There I am. Smiling

Josh: ...the face of pure evil looks back at you.

Nilay: Hello!

Josh: No, no. Allow us to investigate ourselves, for a change. Put that motion down.

Josh: We are just trying to get clarification on the amount of time you spend scratching each other's back.

They are going to get one of those suits that little kids wear that's one is the legs, one is the head. They are wearing an oversized suit. We found a giant to run the company.

Paul: Who always wears a trench coat for some reason.

Josh: Why is he always wearing a trench coat? He's like jobs. That's his thing. Instead of wearing a turtleneck, he wears a trench coat.

Josh: This whole thing is Buzz, man.

Nilay: Don't you see.

Josh: Don't you get it man.

Paul: And if they have to build it off the back of the proletariat, so be it.

Ashton Challenge: Jailbreak iPhone, build PC, build time machine & go back in time to kill Hitler. Engadget Podcast #207

Nilay: Inglorious Bastards isn't a time machine!

012 6/24/11

  • Nilay, Paul, Chris, Dieter
  • Nokia N9 Released

011 6/18/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Dieter
  • First intro of Dieter

010 6/10/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Ross
  • WWDC 2011
  • Joshua Topolsky:
  • If it's there, it can be found.
  • If it can be found, it can be used.
  • If it can be used, it can be abused.
  • If it can be abused, I will have to fix some old person's Mac.
  • Ross Miller: "It's the same thing."
  • Joshua Topolsky: "Not really Ross because one thing is a game and the other is people just being losers."

009 6/3/11

  • WWDC 2011 Predictions

008 5/27/11

007 5/20/11

  • Joshua Topolsky: "Everything that anybody does who is like in their 20s or 30s is now like just hipster."
  • "I read a book last night."
  • "Oh you hipster."
  • "I turned my light on."
  • "Oh what a hipster, lights."
  • Nilay Patel: "What, you haven't switched to candles yet."

006 5/13/11

  • "You’re a terrible hippie that doesn’t contribue to the econonmy." — Nilay
  • "Did you say natural deodorant?" "Get out!"
  • 22:45 & 49.11 Dr. Shenanigans Super Magic Formula
  • "How can you make a law against something that grows in the ground?" -- Paul
  • "How can you make a law against something that's so super magical?" -- Josh
  • "It’s completely legal, in some countries." -- Josh
  • "Why are you arresting Dr. Shenanigans? "
  • "He refers to himself in the 3rd person, it’s just one of his idiosyncrasies." — Josh

005 5/6/11

  • Making fun of 4G. ie Veer
  • "These liberal institutions are railing against absolute truth." — Paul Miller

004 4/29/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Chris, Joanna, Ross
  • Hey, how you doing? -- Ross
  • Sony Security Breach.

003 4/22/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Ross
  • Paul and Ross are NOT related. Go back to Ireland. Find they are related. -- Nilay
  • Does anyone expect you to start at 6:30? -- Ross
  • Apple/Samsung Lawsuit.

002: 4/15/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul, Chris
  • Intersection of Technology and Liberal Arts. -- Josh
  • Rewrite Ulysses from the point of a Foxconn employee -- Nilay
  • What car does Steve Jobs pull up to at that intersection. -- Josh
  • Making fun of RIM/Playbook/QNX

001: 4/5/11

  • Josh, Nilay, Paul
  • First podcast.