HTC One 4.2.2. impressions (update)

Although i've been a long time reader and enjoying Joshua and his crew since the Engadget days, this is my first post on the forum and im going to concentrate on the things i haven't read about on tech sites and the like. im going to write alot, so get ready.

"I chose the silver one, because it looks faster. Maybe it is..."

I have 4.2.2. on my One since yesterday and its a nice improvement. the first day was laggy but after turning it off and after a charge, there's no more lag. its a healthy 60 fps. the things ive noticed is that the app drawer is much faster. In and out of settings is buttery smooth. One of the things you'll notice about the app drawer is that your folders are there now as well. (1) I dont like it, you also cant use "hide apps" to stop them from being displayed. im a minimalistic kind of guy that doesnt like to see lots of icons and apps. Every now and then i check my phone to see if there are apps i dont use and uninstall them. I also removed the HTC One's bloatware and if this wasn't possible, i would at least disable them and/or stop them from showing notifications. I like to think it saves space, memory and makes it go faster. (2) When you use your phone like this, you'll make a few mistakes. For instance the nifty Blinkfeed didn't show any news for a while, but that was only because i disabled the news plugin, Blinkfeed started to work again when i enabled the newsfeed plugin and synced my phone.

"The screen is something to behold."

Previously my daily driver was a Galaxy Nexus, which has a very capable 720p HD Super AMOLED screen. The One on the other hand has a unrivaled 1080P Super LCD 3 display with a pixel density of 468 ppi. That's a 142 more than the iPhone 5 and 27 more than the Galaxy S4. The coIours on the Gorilla glass 2 equipped screen are very accurate and text is readable on a summery day outside. I would recommend the free app Display Tester to find out the specs of your screen and check for dead or stuck pixels and possibly fix them. Display Tester is strangely enough telling me that my screen has a pixel density of 480. The more the better, i say.

Before the Galaxy Nexus i had a HTC Legend. (5) Looking at both HTC's, the design progression from the Legend to the One is apparent when you compare them side by side. The Legend has a one piece aluminium unibody design with round edges that have been lasercut. HTC's design philosophies and their craftmanship have really honed since then and their 2013 flagship is the culmination of all that knowledge and skill they've acquired in years since then. The HT in HTC stands for high tech and they really live up to that term with this phone.

"Are we ever truly secure?"

The latest Android update also brings a new security feature. In Settings/Security there's an option to let Google verify apps. Google checks the app you want to install to their library and if this app is harmfull in any way, it won't let you install the app. Unless you turn this feature off, which would be pretty stupid.

The batterylife is very much the same in comparison with the previous software version. It can last you a full day, even if you're a heavy user that enjoys playing music or Youtube videos on your device. I use my ASUS Nexus 7 adapter which has 2 Ampère output to charge my device, the One takes a long time to charge and the 1A adapter that comes with it just doesnt do it for me and looks quite flimsy. HTC had a phone that shipped without a charger and this phone imo could have shipped without one. If you want to save power and If you don't use LTE, you can turn that function off in the mobile data options. The One has a power save option that used to be permanently visible in the notification bar, but they made it easy now to make it leave your notification bar.

"In love at first listen."

The thing i wanted to see fixed the most in the 4.2.2. update was the Beats bass clipping issue. Allow me to explain, whenever you played a Youtube video the speakers began to show signs of clipping, its a weird pop sound that for a while thoroughly ruined my viewing of music videos, all of them non-Vevo, mind you. When i read the changelog of the then upcoming update, i was pleased to see there were going to be audio improvements. I imagine the Youtube clipping stopped, because they fixed the codec. When i was listening to the FLAC files of the Yeezus record by Kanye (3) there was some slight clipping issues as well, im glad to see this is no longer the case. One of the first things i did with the HTC One was filling it up with music and i was in love at first listen. When i heard FLAC files going through those speakers pumping out an almost transparent, room filling stereo sound. i discovered that these are the best sounding phone speakers ever. The sound quality wasnt the only thing that took me by surprise the music player visuals are noteworthy as well. With the wi-fi on and holding the phone in landscape mode, the music player connected to Gracenote and not only downloaded a much sharper picture of the album/artist art. It also downloaded the lyrics and showed the lyrics of "Blood On The Leaves" in a karaoke style way. Although im not a rapper, i sure gave it my best shot. (4)

Summary/Final words

There's alot to be said about the HTC One and the update to 4.2.2. it has plenty of new things and improvements all around. HTC kept their promise of delivering a phone that can rival the S4 and iphone 5. I always root for the underdog and i think everyone loves a good comeback kid. Maybe HTC will be making phones for the next decade, maybe the HTC One is their swan song, the last great phone they'll ever make. I dont know. All i know is that they're still in the game and they know everything is at stake. We can only speculate on what will happen next.