Apple buying motion sensing developer, PrimeSense.

If the rumor is true, this most likely means Apple is going to surpass Microsoft's touchscreen PCs and mobile devices by using motion sensing instead of touch sensing, as I suggested here:

Apple should drop keyboards, mice, and touch sensors and use motion sensors.

Motion sensing is highly versatile and can support software designed for keyboards, mice, trackpads, and touchscreens until software designed for it is ready (which includes redesigning OS X and iOS.) People can use keyboards, mice, and trackpads that don't actually send any information to the computer, and the motion sensor would just track the motion of their hands as input.

Windows, touch-oriented apps, and touchscreen laptops and desktops will continue to advance. Within 5 years, many PCs will stop shipping with mice and trackpads. If Apple keeps using old-fashioned input as it does now, their Macs are going to look ancient by comparison.

My ability to predict where technology is heading is incredible.