Android on Lumia - great for consumers; terrible for Nokia

Dear Josh,

I was just listening to your last Vergecast and I yet again hear people talking about how Nokia should be making an Android handset and how they wish the 1020 was Android. You don't seem to understand why this is such a terrible idea for Nokia so I'll spell it out for you.

1.) All I have to say here is HTC.

HTC easily made the best Android phone in the HTC One and do you know who still crushed them in sales? Samsung. I personally don't understand why but it can only be due to marketing. Logic would say that if you have two equally amazing phones, the phone with the better hardware/industrial design should win. It didn't. Nokia's amazing industrial design would not automatically make for an amazing success for them because they don't have Samsung's marketing power.

2.) Nokia has bet on the future, not the present.

Right now Google has the lead in market share and many people will argue they prefer their services to Microsoft's. That is fine. However, what Google does not have is anything for Android to integrate into in the future. Its basically a dead end. Windows Phone is clearly on a path to integrate with Windows and XBox. When these all converge I think you can easily imagine why this would be a compelling product. At the same time that happens Android will be integrating with.... Chrome? No thanks.

3.) Piss off Microsoft and Surface Phone will crush them

If Nokia were to put such an Android product out, Microsoft would easily start to move forward with their Surface Phones. The only way Nokia has a shot at being relevant is to be THE go to Windows Phone. If they destroy their relationship with Microsoft they will basically become a worse version of HTC.

Please stop talking about Android on Nokia like it would be a good thing. You would get the phone you always wanted and then Nokia would shortly go out of business.