Hey Army, Lets "Hangout"


So a few hardcore members and I have been talking and we are going to start a hangout. As of right now, it's only for Chatting not video. We are doing this on Google Plus of course, and you are invited to join us. However at the present time we are testing this with a small selected few members. We already have the members in mind. All you have to do is post your email (@gmail) to your profile and we will find you and add you. This is for a very short period of time, basically just for today so get it up there fast so you can remove it.

Make sure it's the account tied to your phone or it's kind-of pointless.

This is also a good time for other members to get to know one another off the forum if you choose to do so. After we've tested this venture we will post another "Hangout" post and add more members provided you're not a troll etc.

AGAIN- I can't stress enough in order for this to work you MUST have a Google account with the ending of the email saying (@Gmail) - Lastly it must be added to your Verge Member Profile where it says "E-mail". It's not rocket science, it's not rooting. Simple instructions.

Happy Hanging!

PS: For the member's that are selected, you will receive an add from me TONIGHT! Once added feel free to take your email down!