New WP8 Devices on the Horizon?

I am upgrading soon from a feature-phone to a smart phone, and I am heavily invested in the microsoft ecosystem. I am most certainly going to get a WP8 device on verizon (I don't really have a choice of carrier, have this family plan system going on). I want a flagship caliber device, but the only two on verizon are the nokia 928 and the htc 8x.

I really don't like the 928 (even the galaxy is more attractive) and am looking at the 8x, but I hear it's been a fairly buggy phone.

It looks like Nokia won't be releasing anything else for verizon for the while, but I do want to know, are there any rumors on other manufacturers releasing for verizon before the holidays? I haven't heard anything myself, and would like to know before I get the 8X.