[Updated] From Android to iPhone 5... Sharing woes

Hello all, I recently switched from the Optimus G to an iPhone 5. For the most part, I'm loving it, due to the better apps, better camera, and better battery life. After thinking the screen was too small for the fist week or so, I've gotten used to it and only occasionally wish I had a larger screen.

My only complaint with iOS is the lack of a robust sharing menu. This is something I do several times a day:

I'll see something funny (like a picture and/or comments) on my Facebook timeline, 4chan, reddit, etc, and I'll take a screenshot of it to send it to my friends. Depending on who I want to send it to, that could be using FB Messenger, Gmail, Hangouts, or SMS

On Android, when you take a screenshot it appears in your notification shade with a share button, and you can pick which service you want to use all without leaving the current app. If I want to share it to friends using two or more different apps, I can simply go to the gallery and send it to everyone I want without leaving the gallery.

On iOS, I have to navigate to each app and select the photo to send.

I know this may sound minor, but it's a little frustrating having to do it so often.

UPDATE: Microsoft has it right; this is how it should be done! [credit to Hugo Bavaris]


via i.imgur.com