Why/How did you join The Verge?

First off, I know this is off-topic, but I didn't know a specific forum to place it in, so here it is. Don't hate me. :(

I'll start it off with why/how I started reading The Verge. My brother introduced me to this website a year ago. He told me it was a technology website, and I would like it, as I loved science and the like. Right of the bat I loved it. The articles, the reviews, everything was phenomenal and well done. I loved the podcasts and listened every week to the audio, as I had no time to watch the stream. I couldn't get enough of this site's stuff.

After my brother died, however, I kinda lost interest in everything. I was depressed, a little suicidal, and overall in a shitty mood. I discovered the forums then, and I loved the atmosphere (?). Though I didn't post much (and still refrain from doing so), I enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on important and completely stupid topics. The Verge became my haven for stuff that didn't affect me in my real life because none of my friends and family really cared about technology, apart from my brother. All in all, The Verge will continue to be my main source of entertainment and distraction for time to come.

So that's my spiel. I'd love to hear your stories about why or how you joined The Verge.