Just a minor personal vent

I guess you could consider this "venting", but mostly, I'm just trying to see if anyone else shares this same weird problem I have with the Macbook's aluminum.

As beautiful as my Macbook Air is and how great the unibody aluminum casing is, there's one minor problem I have with it, and it's mostly a personal thing that I'm not sure is common with other folks. Basically, when I hear a piece of metal rub up against another piece of metal, ESPECIALLY brushed or anodized aluminum, it drives me INSANE.

This doesn't apply to all metals, however. There's a certain pitch that comes from the Macbook's (or any object that shares the same material) casing that my body just can't handle.

For example, if you take a fork and scraps a cast iron skillet, it's totally fine. But take a fork and an aluminum bowl and whisk some eggs, and I'll run out of the room so I can't hear it. This happens A LOT with my Macbook Air.

- If I'm wearing a watch and I'm typing and the watches metal scrapes across the palm rest

- When taking a USB plug out, bringing it to the other side of the MB and the metal of the USB plug runs across the palm rest by accident

- If I'm using a metal pen and it slips out of my hand and drops on the MB...

etc. etc.... the agony!

does anyone else out there have this same problem? when stuff like that happens, I start wishing for the Polycarbonate Macbooks to make a return (okay... not really... kinda?)

I should probably invest in those soft palm rest things you stick on and call it a day. I'm just glad there isn't a scratch on the thing considering all the metal that's kissed the surface of the Macbook in the time I've had it. I'm glad I have a plastic shell on it to prevent even more occurrences.