I think I'm over Metro apps

yes, I know it's not called "Metro" anymore, but I dunno what else to call it.

it seems every Metro app I use, whether it came with W8 or downloaded from the Store, just lags big time. Is it just me? Clicking on the news app, it take a good 8-10 seconds to finish loading... same for Dropbox, the Gaming panel, Weather, Newegg, MetroTwit, etc. The only two apps that seem to load in less time are Mail and Chrome in Metro mode.

This shouldnt be happening, right? I havent seen apps load this slowly since 2006.

Traditional desktop apps work just as expected. It's only in Metro where this problem persists. It's a shame, really. I actually like the UI and the fact that apps feel incredibly unoptimized is the only thing that keep me from using it. MetroTwit is a beautiful app, as are most of the official Metro apps that came with W8.

Any workaround for all this? Perhaps an 8.1 fix (if it is in fact a common issue)?