Microsoft surprised me

Was checking out the Office 365 since my university has an offer for Office 365 for $79.99 for a 4 year subscription(what a steal, no need to pirate Office anymore!) , and then THIS appears:


Notice the "Install the latest version of Chrome" below the blue IE button.

Two questions:

1. What do you think is the reason for that?

2. Why Chrome and not Firefox or Opera, both of which do not compete in search AFAIK?

Make it 4 questions:

3. What do you think of Office 365?

4. At this price and with access from any Win7/8 PC or Mac through browser on top offline version on my PC, it sounds like a great deal. However, I noticed that this Office 365 University is $60 cheaper than MS Office 2013 Home & Student, while having OneNote, Publisher, and Access in the bundle. Is it purely the education pricing on the University one, or is there a catch?