Is the Lumia 920 still a good buy?

Well, as much as I hate to say it.

Android has proven disappointing again.

Short story: Bought an Xperia Z and while it was on 4.1 I loved the hell out of it. Suddenly the 4.2 update rolls out (YAY right? - WRONG). While I got lockscreen widgets and improved Google Now, it also broke a few things. For example, the software sometimes decided to no longer recognize that my headphones are plugged in, and starts playing music via the speaker. For some random reason Hangouts crashes much more often than it did on 4.1. Twitter LAGS (I retweet something, then the whole client pauses for 2 seconds and then abruptly jumps). The phone randomly pesters me to select a keyboard, even though I made Google Keyboard default maybe a month ago. Finally, I had to start forwarding my OutLook email to Gmail and its terrible. The Gmail app is great, but oddly doesn't pull all of my mail? Its also frankly a little ugly (I hate the big lettered icons in 10 different colors).

Im guessing that Sony will eventually release another update to address these issues but frankly this served as a reminder of why I sold my Galaxy Nexus so long ago. Online communities will hype up an OS and when you actually use it, you find its just as flawed as any other. However, these flaws to me, are fatal.

To me, Its unacceptable. However, note that I don't blame Sony. I blame Android. I had similar issues on my Galaxy Nexus way back when.


Microsoft Tribe - here I am.

Do you all think the 920 is still a good buy today?

I know the 1020 is coming out, but sadly will be buying whatever I get unlocked or off contract. The 920 is ~$300 compared to the 1020 which would be around double. Also, I am a sucker for NFC and wireless charging - which I am unsure if the 1020 has or not.

Those of you who own a 920, how is it? Do you still like it? Are their any hardware gripes I should be aware of?

I had WP 7.5 and actually liked it quite a bit (WP has best keyboard I have ever seen). So I am wanting to try the OS again.