Can the Xbox One broadcast via Miracast?

I remember seeing Microsoft showcase the Miracast support Windows 8.1 will bring, allowing users to stream their current screen to a Miracast-certified television or screen. My question is will the Xbox One be capable of doing this as well.

My scenario for this is as follows:

The original adopters of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 will be technophiles and gamers. More than likely, the xbox will not end up in communal space, but will instead end up in a gamer's office or personal space. I envision a gamer or their family/roommates/companion(s) wanting to watch a movie or use the entertainment services of the Xbox One in another room on a communal TV.

I'd like to know if, for example, I decide to watch something on Netflix on the Xbox, can I stream it to a Miracast-capable television in another room?