Anyone Else Having Problems With Lightning Cables?

I have had no problems with the original Lightning Cables that came with my iPhone 5, iPad 4, or iPad Mini.

Last week, two of the original white cables stopped working. I picked up 4 new ones (2 standard Apple/2 Griffin 9ft versions) to have spares.

Earlier today both my phone and charging adapter were extremely hot & the phone wasn't charging- removed the cable & hone from charger.

Few hours later I tried again & it refused to charge. Same goes for the iPad Mini.

I tried mixing around the cables from all 3 devices none of them will charge the iPhone 5 or iPad Mini.

As for the two spares, one works with the iPad Mini & one works with the iPhone 5, but not vice versa. However, when connecting any of the cables to my Mac, I continue to get the same error message:



Do you think the cables are just faulty? Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Do you think the devices themselves could be faulty?