One Russian carrier dropped iphone for WP and Android, now the next two have done the same

Kinda surprised (to be honest, not really) that the verge hasn't picked up on this, but I read an interesting story on bloomberg earlier in the week that MTS, the largest carrier in Russia dropped the iPhone because they weren't okay with Apple's heavy-handedness in contract negotiations and subsidy demands - they essentially said they android and WP to be sufficient. and didn't feel like simply giving money to apple anymore.

I didn't really see it as a good news, just thought it was interesting. But then I guess the next two biggest carrier decided to say goodbye to the iphone too.

I for one am extremely happy about this, I've never been fond of iphones getting a $450 subsidy while most other hero phones get a 350 subsidy. A more level playing field could be very interesting for competition going forward.