A wish list for Nokia's next flahship Windows Phone 8 "Lumia"

Two months left for Nokia World in September. I think everyone is excited for it. Nokia will introduce its newest flagship Windows Phone 8 "Lumia". If Nokia wanted to succeed, here's a list of "to-dos" Nokia engineers should care about.

- A thin, solid design: I don't really care about how thin the phone is... But there are many people that were disappointed with how thick and heavy the Nokia Lumia 920 was.

- A "Real" PureView camera with xenon flash: The Lumia 920's camera is already perfect, but is it actually PureView...? you can't compare it to the 1020 or the 808... Can you?

- Snapdragon 600 processor: Windows Phone 8 doesn't really require latest - high end - processors... It just runs smoothly on every single Lumia, no matter how much it is or how low end its specs are. But the Lumia 1020 really disappointed me. There are many 3D games coming to the store eventually.

- SD Card slot: Yes. Yes. Yes. Please.

- NO MORE CARRIER EXCLUSIVITY: Seriously Nokia? No body wants to wait for the Lumia 1028 to get it on Verizon Wireless... or the 1025 to get it on T-Mobile. And NOBODY is going to switch to At&t. Nobody. Let's have a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4. It launched on FIVE carriers. The result? More sales. Simply more sales.

- A killer battery: It's Nokia! It's well known for its amazing battery life (in the past)... Only Motorola delivers a great battery life these days. I want Nokia to get back to its roots and start as the indestructible with the endless battery life again.