Help me decide!

Hi Vergers, I need your help!

Last night (GMT+2 timezone :P) my smartphone's (HTC One V) battery drained from ~50% to 0%, in just one night. I went to the battery stats, but nothing seemed to drain my battery (only the option 'phone inactive' was now about 30%?). It is the second time it happened, and now I won't let it happen again.

Since a month, I'm thinking about rooting my device and flashing a new rom. I read (pronounce: red) a lot of tutorials for my device, and I think I could do it however there are two things which stop me from doing it.

  1. Warranty: I live in The Netherlands. I've read some aricles about the warranty and some say I haven't got any warranty anymore when rooting, some say I do have, but only when it's not my fault: but HTC's.
  2. Bricking: When I was a couple of years younger, I didn't know that when you're installing a new Windows version, you'll need to upgrade your drivers. I think that had influence on this, because what if I brick my device and didn't understand the guide properly? This is the thing that really really stops me from rooting and flashing a custom rom.
I hope you understood my English, because my English isn't that well, I suppose. You guys don't have to decide for me, but a step in the right direction would help me a lot. Especially how your experiences were while flashing / rooting.
Thanks a lot.