iPad mini - Opinion from Owners

Hey guys.

I'm heading to Japan in a few months, and while I'm there, I want to pick up a mini. I bought a Surface RT last October, and let's just say that I'm not going to make that mistake again. Oh, and before everyone says to wait, I'm buying it from Japan because of the Australian Tax - it's about 40% cheaper (this isn't a factual percentage) for me to grab it from Japan than it would be to buy it here, and I'm a student who just paid for an overseas trip.

Anyway, I wanted to just get an opinion from people to own it as to whether they like the current model. Even if a Retina iPad mini is released in October, I wouldn't want it if they change the weight or width. I love the mini as it is, and it even has a higher PPI screen than my Surface RT (if I remember correctly), so the screen would actually be an improvement.

What do you think about the current iPad mini? Is it well worth it? I own a MacBook and an iPod touch, so I'm already in the ecosystem to some extent.