Our Android Setup

Hey Vergers all different and alike! I wanted to create a post were we all get a bit more personal with our android setups. Our setups can be so intricate yet some so simple. So what I'm going to do is post this video of what my android setup looks like and what apps i use to make it perform very efficiently. My goal is that we can all post videos on youtube or vimeo and share them with each other and grab ideas. I think videos are a great way to show the details in whatever may be on our home screen and if you do not have the ability to make a video then be creative, make a GIF Or just posting some screenshots will be fine! Lets show people our setups and show them what we can do with our phones! (That IPhones Cant Do) Be sure to tell me if you enjoyed my video and be sure to put some info in the comment section below on what your phone is running!

Good Luck and Keep Posting!

What's On My Android Phone | Android Setup (via Robert Strok)