Why I cannot swith to Iphone nor Android as a Window Phone user!!

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As a windows phone user, it will be really hard from me to use an IPhone or Android phones. Besides the number of app that that the two platforms have, there is nothing else that could sway to use IPhone. I will focus my attention between Windows Phone and IPhone simply because Android it was totally based on the same UI Concept of IPhone with different features. There is noting particular unique about the Android UI that is unique. But let me explain why I actually prefer Windows phone over these other platforms.

Finding app with in Windows Phone, IPhone and Android.

First, It is really easy to find and launch and app with Windows Phone. For instance, with windows phone, a right swap take you to the list app which are alphabetically ordered and knowing the name of the app is the only think you need to know to find the app. On iPhone, if the number of app that you are using the most cannot fit on one screen, then one starts having windows of app. With IPhone, one needs to remember, the windows where the app is place, the position and the name. Contrarily, finding and launching app from the app list with WP means you only need swap right and find the name.

Visual Aspects and Contents.

The good thing about Windows phone is that every time I lay my eyes on the start screen, I look for content that interests me, not necessarily how my the screen look. While some may argue about the aesthetic aspect of Windows phone modern UI in terms of customization, it but it is a more efficient way to get information as opposed to actually launching an app. Unlike static Icon, tile not only allow to launch an app, it give a visually useful glimpse on the content off that app. Many times, I only launch Youtube (Metrotube and MyTube) only because there is new videos of the channel that I subscribe to. The only way that one can appreciate the Windows Phone UI is really when you install app that follow the windows phone modern UI. That is why I don't have half baked app on my screen. One example is the USAToday, NBC, Youtube, I only launch these apps based on the information on the tile or about something that I really need to learn. If there is a possible to count the number of times a person launch an app between the three platforms, Windows phone would probably have the least amount of numbers because one can really decide whether to launch and app or not based on the information present in the live tile. This something that I cannot live without. Since I occasionally use an iPhone, I never ingrained the idea having windows of app in grid format was an efficient way to have an UI.

The Number of Apps and the 100+ Million apps users!!!
I would be lying to deny that the number of app on Windows phone is not a problem. Since launched three years ago, Windows phone had had the "there is not an app for this issue" contrary to "There is an app for that" on iPhone. But since the launch and rebirth of Window phone 8 with the adaptation of the NT kernel, I have seen more official apps coming to the marketplace than the 2 years of OS before the big revert. Before windows phone 8, having an official app from many social network, services was a matter of if, now you know there are coming; it just a matter of when. What Microsoft needs to focus on is what I called on the 100-millions users app. If a service has more than 100 millions users whether they are using iPhone, Android, the web, then Microsoft should do anything to have app for these services. As for as I am concerned, there less then 100 services with at least 100 millions users. A bank app is important but on one would consider a platform because the platform has your an bank app you use. To the contrary, having ins tangram is probably more important than having an app for chase bank. So, really it is not the number of app that you have, what is important is the app that has the most users across different platform.

Hardware and the war for big specs, features.
If you big on specs, then the situation is not quite as you want to be if you are a Windows phone users, but it is only a matter of time ( one year or less ) that windows phone will support all the big specs. For the common denominator, specs is not really important. Just ask the number of million devoted iPhone users. They could care less about quad-core processor as long as the they have a fluid experience on the phone. I know I said that I was not going to focus on Android, but we know they are many android phones with big specs and yet they have a lags. In fact, the Android experience did not get better until the recent release of jelly bean or whatever it was called. comparatively, we all know already how fast and fluid is the window phone experience, it can only get better. In the near feature, specs on the phone will be secondary to what we have on bigger devices such as computer and laptops. In terms of features, there are features that are necessary, and it will be within a the next big release that notification center will arrive on window phone. To put this intro prospective, people always say why do we need office (word, excel) when most people are not going to use all these features, well soon a later it will be the same for iPhone. As a Widows phone users, I understand that the platform will eventually catch up because we can only go that far with big specs and features. I have a 920 now and I intend to buy a new windows phone by next year will undoubtedly will come with better specs and a giant 41 MP camera.

Lumia 1020, 41 MP Camera and Instangram
After I watched the press release of the Lumia 1020, the lossless zoom, the clarity of the video capture of the Lumia 1020, I need a app that allow me to share these photos, videos that the Lumia 1020 can capture without less or belittle the experience, and Instangram is not that app. I want something better than instangram. Something that is not there yet. With the release of the Nokia Imaging SDK, I expect some cool and innovative app from the devoted Windows phone developers. Plus, I stop waiting for instangram after the release of app like instance, and the imminent release of Histogram. Windows phone does not need a UI refresh as many suggested, what the platform needs is better and larger chain distribution like being on as many carriers as possible. They are already getting the 100+ millions app services ( with more official app coming the last 10 months since the release and rebirth of WP8), they will get support the big specs because we know they will. With all that said, I don't need to have an iPhone nor an iPhone want to be Android) I already have lots and more to come by the time I will be buying my next windows phone to replace my L920)