iPhone Plus, iPhone, iPhone mini

Apple is definitely going to increase the screen size of the iPhone line - the question is... will they do it this year?

I am starting to think they will. I am sure they can sell everyone on the plastic iPhone with reduced specs inside the device, slower processor, less storage, worse camera but what if they are going to differentiate the flagship phone with something a little more special like screen size? Even if they don't do it this year this would seem to be the strategy going forward.

Drop the version numbers just like Macs and the iPad. Offer a large screen size and best specs, smaller screen, and then the plastic iPhone. Could be wrong.


Will we see a 4.3+ inch iPhone this year?

iOS 7 would be a great chance to make the change... The OS supports gestures for taller screens. We haven't seen any credible leaks for the theoretical iPhone 5S variant (all those parts could be for the plastic iPhone). Perhaps secrecy has doubled. Hard to say... since the 5S (if it is called that at all) will have similar shell parts to the 5.