Now is the time for $99 Surface RT firesale

Perfect timing.. If MS want to clear out the 3-4 million Surface RT dumped somewhere away in their warehouses the only way i see is to give start the $99 firesale. This will clear away all the stock.

This will give them opportunity to make a fresh start and unveil the Surface RT 2 with snapdragon 800, Full HD for $349 and probably an Intel Baytrail 64GB Surface for $499 will be perfect and can give real competition for the ipad.

And one more reason is that the 3-4 million people buying the RT at $99 might genuinely like the surface and will generate goodwill and good word of mouth publicity for the future generations of surface devices. I still believe that the the flaws of Surface RT are grossly exaggerated and it is still a sweet device and has potential in the future generations.