Windows 8.1 Hardware rumors (UPDATED)

Okay I want to see if anyone else has heard, seen, or read about this. I was on either NeoWin or here and someone mentioned seeing some new devices by Dell. The person posting mentioned tablets with 8,10, and 12 inch screens. Has anyone else ran across this type of info?

Okay the other rumor isn't as much a rumor but a known device. At this year's Computex Microsoft had on stage an 8 inch tablet concept by AMD. This device was about the size of the Iconia W3 but looked a little wider and thinner. I have been wondering if anyone ran across the device at the trade show or if AMD has shown if off.

So these are my riddles hopefully you all have the answers.

Update: So Paul Thurrott in his review of the Acer W3 revealed some interesting information and I quote,

By this holiday season, we will have four more mini-tablets from which to choose, three from Microsoft’s PC maker partners and one, a Surface Mini with an 8-inch screen, from Microsoft itself.

So now we know that both Microsoft and Lenovo will be releasing mini-tablets (or UMPCs if you're nasty) that leaves room to speculate who else is coming to the party.