looks like the Moto has something different under the hood.

this is a comment from a guy over on droid-life. seems to be pretty legit. but it does explain a lot when seeing that the moto x only has a dual core and then seeing that it is actually much faster and smoother that what we expect.

to pre-empt. bionic is a rumor monger over on the dl site.

ted: "I'd love to give you all the information I know of the moto X and droid line coming. I actually know more than Mr bionic seeing as though I've been trained with the devices and had hands on time with them, however I want to keep the element of surprise and let you all see the details once announced. The droid line isn't anything to just toss under rug. I can tell you personally I've never used a device, talking about both droid line and moto X, that was so smooth and fluid ever before. You will all be surprised somewhat, I know I was."


"What would you like to know? Ill answer one question, so make it good :-)"

tyguy829: "Ha alright. Here goes... What processor is in the Droid Ultra/Maxx?"

ted: "The processor is first of its kind and exclusive to Motorola. It will provide the most fluid android experience to date. On paper it will say dual core, behind the scenes its an octo but each core is built specifically to handle certain tasks. This will be in all the devices.

Hero device for October (***this is one of bionics made up rumors. he says there will be two moto x phones coming out of texas plant by october, and broadly distrubuted. which is not possible***) I never had time with nor saw or had details but all these phones are being dubbed hero for some reason."


so there you are folks. take it for what its worth... an unsubstantiated rumor from someone with absolutely no street cred. but it does seem legit and is definitely something worth looking forward too if it is true.