Help me pick a cheap tablet

Hello Android army!! Im enlisting all your expertise as I need help with a choice…. I currently am looking for a CHEAP tablet (read sub $200 canadian) I don’t need something for gaming as I only really use my pc and xbox 360 for that except foer the odd game of candy crush, however im wanting to get something that wont be too slow and should get updates, and yes the nexus seven is on the list but im trying to actually hover as close to the $100 mark as possiblen because eim probably going to go buyan ipad as soon as I have the money for it; I’m sorry I really like the ibooks app and in all honestly I want something in the apple camp so that I have every os going at once. My only requirements are; A) itll run reasonably. B) has google play store C) hopefully can have custom roms. Being able to get an official cm port would be the seller So heres the list along with prices any others you think of would be awesome. • HP Slate 7 7" 8GB Android 4.1 Tablet with ARM 9 Processor (S7-2800) $149.99 • ASUS MeMO Pad 7" 32GB Android 4.1 Tablet With VIA WM8950 Processor - Grey $129.99 • Google Nexus 7 by ASUS 16GB 7" Tablet with Wi-Fi b $199.99 • Samsung 7" 8GB Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet With Wi-Fi - $168 • Galaxy Tab 3 7" 8GB Android 4.1 Tablet With Marvell PXA986 Processor $199.99 • Acer ICONIA B1-710-L867 7" Tablet $148. • I will look at the The Next Nexus tablet when it becomes available.