New photo editor in android 4.3

Well the leaks are coming hand over fist now. chomloop did an in-depth review of the leaked ROM for S4 on a nexus 4 and guess what, the snapseed acquisition is bearing fruit.

There are couple of minor changes, like redesigned history bar and new photo filters. But the most substantial improvement to me is addition of localised editing, or that's what the reviewers are calling it. Essentially, a-la snapseed, effects such as brightness and contrast and presumably many more can be added to selected parts of the photo only. Another addition in the same vein is adjusting the position and strength of vignette.

If android needs to extend it's technical advantage over iOS and make it appealing for tablets, photo editing is one area they must focus on -- along with Office apps. While the Google+ app had integrated snapseed like functionality, in android 4.3, it is percolating down to the OS itself.