Which Camera Should I Choose?

Hey guys,

I've just joint the photography crew.

I'm new at photography although I love taking photos with my phone and I can use some of the professional cameras like reflexes.

For the first time, in my life, I have the opportunity to buy a brand new camera and I want to spend my money in the right way.

With a budget of about €1000, I need some tips of what are the best cameras in store, (I mean professional cameras) and what I should buy.

I need a great, powerful camera with the ability of recording HD video, too.

More, I'd like to know which do you prefer between Nikon and Canon (or others) and why.

I'd be thankful if you can suggest to me what exactly device I should buy. For Example if Nikon Dxxx is better than Nikon Dx or something like this.

Is it too much?

Thank you very much ;)

(I promise I will let you know what camera I will choose)