iphone 5 is the cheapest build quality flagship phone in years!!!

I am simply appalled at how apple is getting away with this? Everyone goes on and on about "cheap" samsung build quality but what about the iphone 5? I have not yet seen a single iphone 5 thats over a month old and is not seriously scratched on the sides be it the black or white version and I have seen plenty of iphone 5's so this isnt just based on a couple of phones. Even phones that are used in covers have scratches how pathetic is that??

My brother has a sony xperia P which is also an aluminum unibody, it has been used without a case for several months and yet the body is pitch perfect despite being black color. The phone is just as light as iphone 5 but is not as thinner which is perhaps due to higher quality material.

I keep hearing the same BS that iphone 5 has teh build quality blah blah what the hell? Not only does it have the cheapest exterior of any apple product but probably any other premium product right now. Apple should have issued a redesign of the iphone 5 but seems like they dont care about it.

And btw understand the difference between regular scratches and scratches that chip off the material. The latter looks 10x worse and does not happen to the majority of products. I'll take cheap "feeling" material any day over actual cheap material like this!!