This has always confused me..

What is the need for Windows RT? Like really. Windows 8 can do everything Windows RT can do and more. I really don't see why Microsoft didn't stick with a desktop OS (Win7) and a mobile/tablet OS (RT).

Having separate OS's would attract more attention to RT from developers as they will be developing a RT(metro) app and there won't be a desktop app also available on the same device (Win8 - Metro App and Normal App on same device - hard to generate interest)

Microsoft's idea for Windows 8 seems to be to take Windows 7 and slap a Touch UI interface on it and try put it on every device. I don't think thats a good idea but okay if thats what they want to do then do it, then again this begs the question, whats the need for RT in this situation?

I think the right idea would be either..

1. Windows 8 ( on every device ) - NO RT

2. Desktop OS / RT.

This really has confused me from day 1.