ChromeOS: It isn't Windows

I'd like to point something out here, Windows is the undisputed largest PC operating system, correct? This is quite obviously because people LOVE windows, right? No, it is because people LOVE paying less than $999 for a computer. I understand there are many people who use Windows for functionality, but I believe the wide majority buy Windows computers because 1.) They're familiar 2.) Most Windows computers are cheaper than Macs. What happens when Windows becomes unfamiliar (Windows 8) and a competitor becomes leaps and bounds cheaper (Chromebook), not only is this competitor cheaper, but it is very familiar to anyone who uses the most popular web browser on the block. I believe that the simplicity alone is a reason why people are buying Chromebooks. Netbooks succeeded and failed for one major reason, they ran Windows. Prior to the iPad Netbooks were popularized due to price and due to the fact that they ran the oh so familiar Windows. However, when iPads rolled in they caused the sales to plummet. Why? 1.) They were relatively cheap 2.) Familiar to those who had used the already well selling "iPod touches" and 'iPhones" 3.)Neato keen shiny "new"* formfactor (*Few average consumers would be familiar with the flops that are the Windows tablets). Chromebooks do not have the issue of facing a new type of computing device, iPads are already familiar and while they are a competitor, it will not sweep the market like it has in the past. What Chromebooks are though are cheap, and familiar devices that do NOT run the much hated Windows. Now from earlier on I listed "Windows" as an advantage, but now I say not running Windows is an advantage, and I even stated it as a downfall for Netbooks, why? Because for however familiar Windows is, it will always be hated by a wide margin. Many hate it because they are under the illusion that they are a grand old and evil company (when in reality they're no worse than it's competitors), many hate it for how confusing it is, many hate it because it is simply the cool kid thing to do, and some hate it simply because of it's long history of faults (some of which are far behind them, some of which arguably are not). This is why I believe Chromebooks are selling, as functionality increases, sales will as well. The PC market however is falling. I don't mean to be a crazed lune speaking of a time without Windows, that day will not (in my humble opinion) ever come. However a day where Windows is no longer the dominating force may be near.