Windows RT and Windows 8 browser and flash performance

I want to get either a Windows RT or Windows 8 tablet with atom processor for my folks. Something super inexpensive. The Dell XPS 10 can be had for around $200 refurbished but only has dual-core S4. (the other option is vivotab rt w/ atom for $400) It should be able to handle video alright at low-res but I am more interested in web browsing performance. iPad and Android tablets with quad-core can load webpages pretty slowly, and especially when zoomed in and you scroll slightly the page frequently whites out and requires more loading, or the whole thing just reloads completely and you are unzoomed back at the top. Will IE on either RT or Windows 8 atom be a significant jump in web browser performance? At least not constantly and randomly reloading when scrolling?

I also want to know about flash performance since I can't find a single thing about it. Microsoft enabled flash support a few months ago on both RT and Windows 8. How does it fair? Lastly, are there any comprehensive media players for RT besides VLC (which isn't out yet)? I've got a myriad of file types from flv to rmvb to ogm and mkv and want to play them.